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Thursday, 14 May 2015

new follower - where has this been?>

I have just had blogger shut down on me for no apparent reason, but when it came back it looked to me like nothing had been disturbed.  But there in the Draft Post box was an item.  I opened to see what it was thinking it was a copy of what I had been writing at the time it shut down.  But no - it was a post which I had originally written back in November 2014 which I was sure had posted.  well it is not there in the archive - so I thought better late than never - it was to welcome a new follower.

Sorry Marie-Louise


"I am popping in to say

to a new follower

Marie-Louise McFall

Thank you for becoming a follower & for your nice comments on my post about the notelets box.
 I hope you will visit often."

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  1. Thank you Gloria. Such a lovely welcome. It is always a pleasure to drop in.


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