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Sunday, 1 February 2015

A new toy

Good afternoon everyone on a very sunny but very windy & cold day.

This morning I had a play with a new toy - I have bought a Gelli Plate.

I had been thinking of buying one for some time but other things took precedence. Then a member of one of my clubs gave us a demonstration plus the chance to play.  I was totally taken with the results produced by everyone & that evening got straight onto the Internet & ordered one.  Mine is a 6" x 6" square which I felt would be big enough for what I might do.  I have already decided that I will buy another one - but a smaller one for use with tags & small pieces of card.

So, my play this morning.  Although mostly used with paints I wanted to use mine with stamping so that is where I started.

Briefly - ink is put onto the Gelli plate with a brayer, then some stamping is done, or overlaying of stencils to get pattern & texture.  When that is complete a piece of card is laid down onto the Gelli plate, gently smoothed over & removed (pulled) from the surface.  Whatever was on the plate is transferred to the card.

Here are photos of the results of my play;

My first attempt was to ink the plate with 2 colours of Adirondack inks & then stamp the fairy image in black on top.  After "pulling" the design I then stamped direct onto the card with the same image & black ink.  This shows the difference in quality of the ink direct on the Gelli plate versus direct on the card.

My second attempt, after using 2 colours of ink again, involved stamping into the ink with a clean stamp.  This results in the ink being lifted from the Gelli plate & so you get a negative print.  After pulling the print I went back & stamped the flowers in the 2 colours - direct on the plate. Then I carefully placed the card back down over the images & pulled the design again. 

I was so pleased with the results of the second attempt, that I produced another one - this time using a pretty feather stamp I have.  I really love this one & already thinking of how I can use it.

My final attempt was a little more adventuresome.  The start of the design was the same as the previous 2 - ink the plate, stamped with clean stamp & pull print.  I then inked the stamp with black ink & thinking carefully about what I wanted to do stamped the image directly onto the plate as close to the original position as I could.  I then placed the background print over the top & pulled the design again.  I didn't quite get the position right for the top left corner but a much better attempt for the lower right corner.   A great way to produce backgrounds.

Some time in the week I will also have a go using acrylic paints.  I am wondering whether the design could be lifted by a canvas rather than a piece of card.  I suspect it would work to a degree but the texture of the canvas would affect the finished look.  Worth a try.

Thank you for visiting my little blog space I hope you enjoyed your visit.

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