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Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Re-organisation of stash

Goodness - I cannot believe it is a week since I last blogged.  Here we are in a new year & already time is flying.

I have been busy over the last few days reorganising the way I store my dies & embossing folders. The folders & boxes I had been storing the dies in had got unwieldy, which they will of course by the nature of the dies being made from metal.  But the method I had been using although useful I found wasn't easy to use when looking amongst the dies for the ones I wanted.  The "pages" seemed to stick to each other, despite also being in poly pockets in one of them.

I have given a new lease of life to a great folder that I had been keeping some of my smaller embossing folders in.  By cutting up the magnetic sheets into 4 pieces they easily slotted into the pockets in this folder.  Also because the pockets have a sturdy fabric base - things don't stick to each other - so searching through the pages is much easier.

Here are some photos;

Just a little sample of what it holds from a total of 40 pockets.

I have also been busy making cards which I hope to show you shortly, after they have been received by the people they were made for.

Thank you for stopping by I hope you enjoyed your visit.

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  1. Hi sorry I have not been able to be around for a while and comment on your beautiful cards. This is a great idea for dies. Marvellous tip.


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