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Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Christmas Poinsettia

Oh no! another week has gone by since my last post.  I really must pull my finger out.

I thought I would show you a couple of photos of the Poinsettia I bought to decorate our home with this Christmas.

I absolutely love these plants, but so often they don't survive very long.  I have learnt over the years that expensive is not always the best - so for sometime now I have been buying them from Asda. This one I bought at the beginning of the first week in December - isn't it beautiful?

The photos I took ...................... this morning.  Hasn't it done well!

As I said - Asda bought & for only £2-50.  The ones in the garden centres were upwards of £6-50. Some years ago I managed to keep a Poinsettia through to late April, so it will be interesting to see how long this one lives for.

Now that I have the photos I am going to create a page for this Christmas using Serif Craft Artist, which I love using, but haven't done so for a while.  I am hoping I will be able to create not only a special page for it, but some nice background papers that I will be able to use on my cards next year. We will see - all I need is to schedule my time properly.

I hope if you have any of the snow, we seem to be getting on & off here in North Wales, that you are keeping warm & safe.  Thank you for dropping by I hope you enjoyed your visit.


  1. Well done keeping your plant alive. I can kill them within days. My friend has one that has survived for about two years.

    1. Ooh, I would love to know what she did to keep it alive that long. Thank you for your comment Marie-Louise.


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