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Sunday, 16 November 2014

A "me" day

Good evening everyone - today I had one of those wonderful "me" days, where I attended a workshop along with my friend Caroline.  We went to "Inkymits" which is run by Maria Simms in order to make a decorated canvas.

I have made a couple of canvases recently but the attraction of this one was that the base colour was to be black.  I have seen several on the Internet but to get the black base they have used Bitumen. But not on this workshop - we used black acrylic paint.

Here are the photos as the canvas progressed;

The basic canvas with dictionary paper - scrunched - & embossed paper & card glued on.
I find it very difficult to use pages out of a book - but can cope with these as it wasn't me that tore them out.  Daft isn't it.

This is the canvas with the various embellishments laid on it in approximately the places I wanted them to be.

I took this photo so I could look back at it to glue them back in the same design.

Here they are glued down - & yes it is not quite the same as previously planned.

The difficult stage - not really, just terrifying - black acrylic paint all over the design.
Yes I know there are bits of white & brown showing but that won't matter.

this is the first stage of adding colour to the canvas.
I have highlighted the crinkles in the paper & the raised areas of the embossed card with gold shimmer paint.  Also added it to some of the areas of the embellishments.

Next I added some bronze paint & a dark brown (whose colour name I don't remember), then finally russet .

Finally I went back in with the gold to really make it pop & lighten it up,
& here it is ....................

I am so thrilled with the result.

Thank you for stopping by my little blog space, I hope you enjoyed your visit.  Please call again.


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