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Saturday, 6 September 2014

Missing mojo ....

.... I don't know what has happened exactly but my mojo seems to have got up & left me for a few days.

It has been a rather sad week as on Thursday my DH & I were at a funeral - his children's maternal grandmother has passed away, & just a few days before I had heard of the passing of a personal friend.  So I think crafting was not prominent in my mind.

This afternoon I thought I had better sit down & see if I could find it again.  My first piece of success, was with those Create-a-card Dies from Crafters Companion.  I wrote about them last month having had trouble cutting them out & then the embossing not working at all.  I had an email from CC & they gave me the correct sandwich for use in the E-bosser saying it was wrong in the packaging.  So I tried again.  Here is the result;

I haven't got as far as making a card from it - this is just the result of another try.  At least this time the centre oval came out, although I had to push a lot of the 'X' shapes out with a pricking tool. Colouring the embossed part of the design was done whilst the card was still in the die & most of it has come through.  I think when I try it again I might put it through the embossing stage twice.  It is mainly all the tiny dots that have not completely worked - you can see it particularly in the small flower at bottom left of the oval cutout.  You can see the die-cut hole but not the embossed dots around it.

It is so pretty & I was very disappointed when it didn't work those few weeks back - but I am pleased it works now even though the embossing has to be tried again.  Also I don't think I would try colouring through the stencil if I was leaving the design in the card as it would be very difficult (without masking off the card at the side of the stencil) not to get ink at the edge.

That is me for today - hopefully better crafting to report with a more cheerful note too.

Thank you for visiting my little blog - please call again.

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