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Thursday, 25 September 2014


Frustration indeed - it started yesterday & rolled over into today.

I tried to purchase some digital downloads from a website yesterday.  The ordering was not a problem - it was the paying that gave me a problem.  It had to go through Paypal.  Now I thought I already used paypal when I purchase items from C&C - but perhaps not.

So today I tried to activate a paypal account.  It would appear I did this way back in about 2006 & never really used it - so after a certain time of no use they put a stop notice on it - not to be used again - every.  So I can't create a Paypal account - at least not with my current credit card.

Not to be beaten I got my DH to pay on his account, but I couldn't do that until he got home.

I was so frustrated - I didn't feel like cooking, so took him out for dinner instead.  Well, it was a sort of thank you too.

Have now ordered items, & downloaded them, already to use in the next few days.

So perhaps tomorrow I will get those 4 stamped cards finished.  It is so easy to let something distract you from your planned course, isn't it.

Sorry about the moan - more cheerful & crafty tomorrow, I promise.

Thank you for stopping by - please call again.

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