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Monday, 8 September 2014

Flower playtime

Good evening everyone - I hope you had a wonderful weekend.

Over the last few days I have been thinking about paper flowers - that is, making them.  It seems that where ever we look flowers abound.  They are made from punches, dies, stamps & more.  So I thought it was about time I had a play.

So tonight I have a photo of my first attempt & then tomorrow will show you some I played with today;

This little flower was made from a stamp I have had for quite a long time & it is one of a collection I have from CaroLines.  I am thinking of making some of my Christmas cards just white & silver so tried this stamp out with that in mind.  However I don't like the EP I used, it was white with a silvery glitter in it.

For this flower I simply stamped 2 flowers then using my ball tool softened the petals edges on one to give it some lift, then on the second flower cut down between the petals to just near the centre. I used the ball tool again on this one to give it more lift than the first flower.  Next I glued the 2 together by their centres, slightly staggering the petals. A clear gem was glued in the centre to complete the flower.

I am going to make some more of these - but I think I will probably used plain silver EP that time.

Thank you for stopping by - please call again.

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