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Wednesday, 17 September 2014

different crafting

Oh dear - three days since last blogging.

It has been a couple of busy days - yesterday in particular.  I had a crochet workshop in the morning (& I must look you out some photos of what the ladies have been making) which was followed by a busy afternoon.  I have no idea what happened to the 15th.

Today I have been busy in my garden - another sort of craft.  When I moved here just over a year ago I was pleased to see the raised bed in my rear garden.  I have great difficulty bending over & kneeling (can never get up from that) & gradually it has got on top of me, especially after going on holiday for 2 weeks earlier in the year.

So last weekend I made a decision - the raised bed has been stripped out, except for a large cherry tree which is going to have to come out.  I am then sorting the bed & the plants I want to keep & those new ones I am going to buy, & they are going in pots.  This I hope will allow me to manage the bed better.

Here is the poor garden stripped out

Just the cherry tree & a shrub left at the back.

another shrub & a rambling rose in the corner.

saved plants & new pots awaiting replacement.

Now all I have to do is order the membrane to cover the bed & the slate that is going on top, then get replacing.  Oh, of course - not forgetting that someone is coming to remove the tree.  The rose & shrub in the corner will probably be temporarily lifted then replaced.

Thank you for visiting my blog, please call again & hopefully next time there will be some cards to see.

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