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Tuesday, 2 September 2014

a little chat

Hi everyone - not a crafting day today for me - well at least not at home.

This morning I had my Card Workshop at my local craft shop, for the ladies who wanted cards that fold differently.  It was a great morning & they loved the cards that I had chosen for them to do - the stretch card, stepper card & tri-fold shutter card.  (I showed you samples in an earlier post!)

In fact they enjoyed it so much I got asked to organise another one!  This time they would like some with moving parts - ie - kinetic, & a particular request for the waterfall card.

It's funny isn't it, we learn to make these different cards & move on to other things forgetting that some people have never done some of our earlier attempts.  So a waterfall card will be one of the cards.  The class is not until the beginning of November so I have plenty of time to make my sample & find others to go with it.  Mind you I say plenty of time, a big chunk of October has already been allocated for other things. Better start on my search now.

I am hoping to have a "me" day tomorrow in my crafting room.  If I am successful I will let you know tomorrow what I managed to do.

Thank you for stopping by I hope you enjoyed your visit.

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