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Tuesday, 30 September 2014

new stamp

Hi everyone.
After I had finished my domestic chores for the day I decided it was time to try out my new Christmas stamp - the fun one I mentioned.

First hurdle to overcome was - do I have an acrylic block long enough for it, as it is a long stamp. Just right for DL cards.

The answer was ...... only just

Here it is on the block - it would only fit diagonally.  Next step was - would I be able to stamp it OK & more importantly would I be able to hold the block.  Result?

Hey! Stamping perfection.  I just love his holly dickie bow tie.  The stamp also came with several word stamps.  This is going to be fun.

So - come back & see how I get on & what I do with him.

Thank you for dropping by I hope you enjoyed your visit.  Your comments are always well received & appreciated.

Monday, 29 September 2014

more garden crafting

Hi - what a good weekend I had working on my garden revamp.  Earlier in the week the tree had been removed & the shrub trimmed back - so instead of looking like this

it got to look like this

then this

I should explain here that I did not do all this work I have someone who comes in & looks after the lawns & he stripped the flower bed then got rid of the tree & trimmed the shrub.

Having said that I did sort the plants that will be going back on the bed & spent quite a bit of Sunday tidying them & potting them on.  So here they are ready & waiting to go on the bed when the cover & slate are laid.

Hopefully the membrane goes on this week, then the slate covering will have to wait until the end of the month as my garden helper is moving house.  So by the end of the month I hope to be looking all neat & tidy.  In the meantime I will be out shopping for more plants & tubs, & never again will it look like the top photo - although I hope the pigeon still calls for a visit.

Back to card making tomorrow. 'Bye for now.

Thank you for stopping by, please call again.

Saturday, 27 September 2014

new stamps - part 4

Good afternoon everyone & a nice afternoon it looks like being.  We had some rain this morning but it is quite sunny now.  Perhaps I will get some time in the garden to pot on my plants after all.

The photos I have today are the other 2 cards made with my new set of stamps.  Here they are, in the same theme & style as the 2 yesterday.

I love them all & they are going to be well used in different ways, but I have a slight leaning towards the last one I have to admit.

A couple of days ago I gave in & bought a "fun" Christmas stamp - so I am hoping to play with that over the weekend.

Thank you for stopping by, please call again.

Friday, 26 September 2014

new stamps - part 3

Good evening everyone, after a slow start today I managed to complete making the cards with my 4 new stamps.

I have 2 to show you today & then the other 2 tomorrow, this is because lighting was not that good so I have left 2 to take tomorrow.

After colouring the images I played around with quite a few different colours of card to back them onto.  I like a vintage style look & with a card I made some months ago I had layered the image onto Kraft card.  So I decided to do that again, but then the next challenge is what that gets layered onto.

The card I had stamped on was white so one of the first things did was to put a watercolour stain on to it to take that whiteness off.  This of course was after deciding to tear around the images for a further distressed / vintage look. I then pulled out various base cards to see what looked best - at first I thought cream but then I pulled out a black card ...............

Because of the oval shape of this image after placing it on the Kraft card I thought a tag shape would suit.  The ribbon down the side & on the tag is lemon to match the large rose.

On this one I added ribbon to tone with the flowers.

I am a little disappointed, not in my card making, but in my photography - the ageing of the white card is not showing up that well.

Thank you for stopping bu my little blog I hope you enjoyed your visit.  Any comments are always welcome.

Thursday, 25 September 2014


Frustration indeed - it started yesterday & rolled over into today.

I tried to purchase some digital downloads from a website yesterday.  The ordering was not a problem - it was the paying that gave me a problem.  It had to go through Paypal.  Now I thought I already used paypal when I purchase items from C&C - but perhaps not.

So today I tried to activate a paypal account.  It would appear I did this way back in about 2006 & never really used it - so after a certain time of no use they put a stop notice on it - not to be used again - every.  So I can't create a Paypal account - at least not with my current credit card.

Not to be beaten I got my DH to pay on his account, but I couldn't do that until he got home.

I was so frustrated - I didn't feel like cooking, so took him out for dinner instead.  Well, it was a sort of thank you too.

Have now ordered items, & downloaded them, already to use in the next few days.

So perhaps tomorrow I will get those 4 stamped cards finished.  It is so easy to let something distract you from your planned course, isn't it.

Sorry about the moan - more cheerful & crafty tomorrow, I promise.

Thank you for stopping by - please call again.

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

new stamps - part 2

Hello everyone

My play from yesterday has moved on a stage.  This afternoon I coloured in the images from yesterday, using watercolour paints.  It looks like tomorrow I will start turning them into card toppers, but in the meantime this is how they look now.

As well as painting the flowers the top 2 cards have a wash in the background.

I think my favourite, although they are all very nice, & suit the vintage look I am after producing, is the bottom one, the carte postale with daisies.

Thank you for stopping by & I hope you will pop back tomorrow to see what else I do with them.

Monday, 22 September 2014

my new stamps

Hi everyone
This afternoon I got the chance to play with my new stamps - the ones I thought might just take the place of the tulips.  For a while at least.

The first thing I do with new stamps especially quite intricate ones - is to stamp them out to make sure they are OK.  So that is as far as I got earlier today.  Here they are;

Aren't they lovely? They are from Silicon Stempel  (well that's the name on the backing card).

I have started to colour them but unfortunately the light was not good enough to take photos - so I will finish the four of them & then photograph tomorrow.

I love them - they are of the vintage, distressed style - I am looking forward to working with them.

Thank you for visiting my blog - please come back again && see what I do with these images.

Sunday, 21 September 2014

A new follower

Popping in to welcome another follower to my little blog

welcome Shaz I do hope you enjoy your visits.

Isn't the Internet great?

Hi everyone - I find out lots of things from the Internet - both craft wise & other.  There are so many people out there willing to share their ideas.

I hope I am not breaking any copyright here when I say that I found a really good hint / tip in the latest Joanna Sheen newsletter.  It is to do with the cutting plates for die cutting machines,.  We all know that they get badly marked & that at sometime we may have to buy new ones.

A lady wrote to Joanna Sheen's newsletter "Hints & Tips" section with the following;

"Here is a great tip for restoring die cutting plates that have become scratched and bent.

Set oven to 170f and let it heat up

Wrap plates individually in a single layer of tin foil.

Place flat in an ovenproof dish and place a heavier weight over this.

Allow to heat up for 30 minutes

Remove from oven, remove foil (take care it will be very hot) and allow to cool.

Wash plates in warm soapy water and “hey presto” your plates are like new."

This lady  bought new plates before she found this tip but only used them once. She is still using the old ones and they are perfect.

Definitely worth a try - I haven't done yet - but it is on my list of things to do.

Friday, 19 September 2014

Another tulip card

Good afternoon everyone.

Today I have another card to show you, that has been made with my tulip stamp.  I just love this stamp & want to keep using it, but I think that now that the postman has just been it might get pushed to one side for a little while.  I ordered some stamps from C&C which were on the Pinflair show recently.  I think these may well get my mojo back off its holiday.  So, watch this space.

Anyway - back to the tulips;

There was a tag sitting on my desk & I thought - "I haven't used one for a while" - so there we are.
I stamped the tulips in black Versafine & embossed with clear EP, then coloured the tulips with my watercolour paints.  I also managed to take the brush around the edge of the tag so that it stood out from the base card.  On the base card I stamped the tulips in Versamark ink & used white EP.  This little jar of powder is quite old so it has come out a little on the creamy side - but I like it. I gave the exposed tulips a very light wash with the same yellow that the main tulips were painted in.  The card was finished with the sentiment in black & this is one of a set of words from Clearly Besotted.

Thank you for stopping by I do hope you enjoyed your visit.

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

different crafting

Oh dear - three days since last blogging.

It has been a couple of busy days - yesterday in particular.  I had a crochet workshop in the morning (& I must look you out some photos of what the ladies have been making) which was followed by a busy afternoon.  I have no idea what happened to the 15th.

Today I have been busy in my garden - another sort of craft.  When I moved here just over a year ago I was pleased to see the raised bed in my rear garden.  I have great difficulty bending over & kneeling (can never get up from that) & gradually it has got on top of me, especially after going on holiday for 2 weeks earlier in the year.

So last weekend I made a decision - the raised bed has been stripped out, except for a large cherry tree which is going to have to come out.  I am then sorting the bed & the plants I want to keep & those new ones I am going to buy, & they are going in pots.  This I hope will allow me to manage the bed better.

Here is the poor garden stripped out

Just the cherry tree & a shrub left at the back.

another shrub & a rambling rose in the corner.

saved plants & new pots awaiting replacement.

Now all I have to do is order the membrane to cover the bed & the slate that is going on top, then get replacing.  Oh, of course - not forgetting that someone is coming to remove the tree.  The rose & shrub in the corner will probably be temporarily lifted then replaced.

Thank you for visiting my blog, please call again & hopefully next time there will be some cards to see.

Sunday, 14 September 2014

CD Sunday - Happily ever after

Good morning everyone

Time for another challenge & once again it is the one at CD Sunday Challenge, where the theme is "Happily Ever After", which covers weddings & anniversaries.  My card is an anniversary card which will be sent out in a month or two.  The challenge gave me the ideal time to make something a little different.

My image & background paper have been taken from the Joanna Sheen CD "Dancing with Shadows".

I have used one of those lovely Elegant Frame easel cards from Creative World of Crafts - the one with the tulip top.  The topper for this card was actually a different colour (see photo below), & I wasn't happy with it so I decided to re-colour this one with Distress Ink & used Seedless Preserves I also added just a little of Picked Raspberry to get the shade I wanted. I decided to layer it onto black because of the silhouette image & then onto the patterned paper from the CD.  It still needed a lift so I went around the edges of each layer including the card, with a Versamark pad then embossed them with silver EP.  The floralbackground paper I also used a corner rounder on the 2 bottom corners to copliment the shape of the card. On my desk, left over from another card making session were these lovely tulips in just the right colour, so I added those as well, on sticky pads.  The sentiment & the greeting were stamped with Versamark & embossed with silver EP

This next photo shows the original colour - a sort of buttermilk with a yellow tone.  I noticed that the Antique Linen Distress Ink went well with it so printed some background paper also from the same CD & re-coloured that.  But I was foiled (for now at least) as to where to go after that.  I will return to it sometime soon.

Thank you for stopping by I hope you enjoyed your visit & please call again.  Why not pop over to the challenge site & see the lovely creations that will be there - just click on the name at the beginning of the post.

Friday, 12 September 2014

embossing folders

Earlier this week I bought 2 new embossing folders for 6x6 cards.  So today I thought I would sit down & play with them & see if that mojo that went missing could find its way back again.

Here are the 2 folders;

This is how the first folder worked out;

I used Picked (I always want to say Pickled) Raspberry Distress Ink to colour the embossing, then used Mowed Lawn & Picked Raspberry on the tulip stamp which I embossed with clear EP.  I used the PR again to colour the tulips using a water brush.

Then this is the result with the second folder;

This hasn't quite come up to the image in my head.  I wanted an antique look so worked on one colour only - Antique Linen.  I cut the tulips out in an oval shape & raised it above the main card. As I said this is lacking something & I will put it on my desk & look at it until it speaks to me about what is needed.

Thank you for visiting my little blog - please call again.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

More paper flowers

Good morning everyone

Yesterday was a non-crafting day as I had a very pleasant day out with a friend.  Although we couldn't let it be totally craft free & found a craft area in the store we visited & made some purchases we just couldn't resist.

Monday evening I played a little more with making paper flowers - again out of ordinary paper to see how they would turn out before using better paper.

This time I used punches.  I have a couple of sets of Tonic Petal Pairs, so I thought I would work with those, although for this session I used them individually rather than in their pairs.

Here are the results;

I wanted to see if I could make rose-style flowers.
In this one my centre got squashed.

This one turned out much better but still needs the central bud to be a little tighter.

With this punch I thought I would try a different flower & before curling the petals & putting movement in them I cut each of them in half.  In the centre I put a small punched snowflake - but I think in future a gem or button would be better.

I did discover during this session that these fingers of my mine are not as nimble as they used to be & did find putting the layers together a little tricky.  But we will continue on & practice.

I also went on to try using a die & used the stamps again, but I haven't had time to sort the photos for those, so I will probably pop back later.

This afternoon I am taking a crochet workshop - a new group - which I always find interesting.  It is lovely seeing their faces as they realise they can crochet & it wasn't as difficult as they thought.

Thank you for stopping by I hope you enjoyed your visit.

Monday, 8 September 2014

Flower playtime

Good evening everyone - I hope you had a wonderful weekend.

Over the last few days I have been thinking about paper flowers - that is, making them.  It seems that where ever we look flowers abound.  They are made from punches, dies, stamps & more.  So I thought it was about time I had a play.

So tonight I have a photo of my first attempt & then tomorrow will show you some I played with today;

This little flower was made from a stamp I have had for quite a long time & it is one of a collection I have from CaroLines.  I am thinking of making some of my Christmas cards just white & silver so tried this stamp out with that in mind.  However I don't like the EP I used, it was white with a silvery glitter in it.

For this flower I simply stamped 2 flowers then using my ball tool softened the petals edges on one to give it some lift, then on the second flower cut down between the petals to just near the centre. I used the ball tool again on this one to give it more lift than the first flower.  Next I glued the 2 together by their centres, slightly staggering the petals. A clear gem was glued in the centre to complete the flower.

I am going to make some more of these - but I think I will probably used plain silver EP that time.

Thank you for stopping by - please call again.

Sunday, 7 September 2014

I made top 3!

Good afternoon everyone & what a lovely day it is - especially here in North Wales.

I have just found out that my entry at CD Sunday a couple of weeks ago was picked as part of the Top 3 - so I get a badge

with this card

That has perked my "lack of mojo" a bit.

Saturday, 6 September 2014

Missing mojo ....

.... I don't know what has happened exactly but my mojo seems to have got up & left me for a few days.

It has been a rather sad week as on Thursday my DH & I were at a funeral - his children's maternal grandmother has passed away, & just a few days before I had heard of the passing of a personal friend.  So I think crafting was not prominent in my mind.

This afternoon I thought I had better sit down & see if I could find it again.  My first piece of success, was with those Create-a-card Dies from Crafters Companion.  I wrote about them last month having had trouble cutting them out & then the embossing not working at all.  I had an email from CC & they gave me the correct sandwich for use in the E-bosser saying it was wrong in the packaging.  So I tried again.  Here is the result;

I haven't got as far as making a card from it - this is just the result of another try.  At least this time the centre oval came out, although I had to push a lot of the 'X' shapes out with a pricking tool. Colouring the embossed part of the design was done whilst the card was still in the die & most of it has come through.  I think when I try it again I might put it through the embossing stage twice.  It is mainly all the tiny dots that have not completely worked - you can see it particularly in the small flower at bottom left of the oval cutout.  You can see the die-cut hole but not the embossed dots around it.

It is so pretty & I was very disappointed when it didn't work those few weeks back - but I am pleased it works now even though the embossing has to be tried again.  Also I don't think I would try colouring through the stencil if I was leaving the design in the card as it would be very difficult (without masking off the card at the side of the stencil) not to get ink at the edge.

That is me for today - hopefully better crafting to report with a more cheerful note too.

Thank you for visiting my little blog - please call again.

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

a little chat

Hi everyone - not a crafting day today for me - well at least not at home.

This morning I had my Card Workshop at my local craft shop, for the ladies who wanted cards that fold differently.  It was a great morning & they loved the cards that I had chosen for them to do - the stretch card, stepper card & tri-fold shutter card.  (I showed you samples in an earlier post!)

In fact they enjoyed it so much I got asked to organise another one!  This time they would like some with moving parts - ie - kinetic, & a particular request for the waterfall card.

It's funny isn't it, we learn to make these different cards & move on to other things forgetting that some people have never done some of our earlier attempts.  So a waterfall card will be one of the cards.  The class is not until the beginning of November so I have plenty of time to make my sample & find others to go with it.  Mind you I say plenty of time, a big chunk of October has already been allocated for other things. Better start on my search now.

I am hoping to have a "me" day tomorrow in my crafting room.  If I am successful I will let you know tomorrow what I managed to do.

Thank you for stopping by I hope you enjoyed your visit.

Monday, 1 September 2014

fifteen Christmas cards

... just the inserts to do now.

Good evening everyone I hope this lovely weather is with you as well.  Looks like we could get an Indian summer doesn't it?

Today I spent quite a bit of time on the 15 cards my DH had asked me to make for him to send out & the only thing they need now is the inserts.  I will spend the next couple of days finding a suitable message to go inside then finish them.

This was the state of play this morning about 10:00 a.m.
here they are now

I am really pleased with the way they have turned out as I don't normally do a whole batch straight off like this.  I might make that many of a design but do it in smaller batches.

I think I have already said this - but now - I have to find some designs for my cards.

I hope you enjoyed your visit & that you will call again.  'Bye for now.