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Sunday, 31 August 2014

workshop samples

Good evening everyone - & quite a late evening it is too!

I am trying to blog something everyday but Saturdays can be a little awkward & non-productive craft-wise as it is the most domestic day of the week.

Anyway I am here today & I have two cards to show you that I have prepared for a workshop I am running on Tuesday.  The ladies who are attending have not done a lot with card-making of this type - but they are great parchmenters - (is there such a word?)

They came to a workshop last month & made 3 cards with different folds, & asked me to create another workshop for them with more folded cards.  I have 3 designs sorted, & have yet to make the third sample - as I gave one of those I had made away - but I have an earlier photo of one of those to show you.

The three cards are - Tri-fold shutter card; Stepper Card & the Stretch card;

This is two views of the Tri-Shutter card
My photography tonight is a little blurry but I have managed to sharpen the image a little.
Haven't made this shape card in quite a while - it was very nice to return to & I think I will make some more soon.

Here is the Stepper Card
I also have two other versions - with the steps in different positions - but they will probably make this one.

The stretch card.
I like to place the stretch card mechanism on a base card - but it does stand alone as well.

I hope they will enjoy making these & of course there are many more up my sleeve.

Thank you for visiting my little blog - please call again.  If you would like to leave a comment it would be very much appreciated.

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  1. Hi Gloria, thanks for visiting my blog. These cards look nice, the first one is my favourite. Hope your workshop goes well.


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