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Friday, 1 August 2014

Welcome to my new blog

Hello & welcome.

For some time I have been blogging my interests through two blogs - one for rubber stamping & one for digital crafting.  This has become a little too much for me to manage at the moment - so I have decided to set them aside & start a new blog.

This new blog will be a showcase for anything that takes my fancy in the crafting world, or in my world generally, & that's why it has a title that doesn't tie me to one subject.

On the side tabs I have placed a link to the two original blogs just in case you would like to take a peek at what I have been up to in the past.

Over this first weekend I will update my profile & add an "About me" page which you will find along the top of the screen under the blog title.  I will also gradually add links on the side bar to some of my favourite places.

I am hoping that followers on my other blogs will move across & follow me here & I look forward to their company.

So that this post has a photo, because I do like to use them as much as possible - here is a photo of a wall hanging that I spotted in a coffee bar in Belgium when I was there on holiday recently.

The whole thing is on a natural piece of wood & is framed with twigs & there are twigs forming the background.  Then there is a little vase added with real foliage & flowers - or in the case of this one - a flower.  They were all round the coffee shop walls in different sizes.  Absolutely beautiful.  I photographed it because I wondered weather I could replicate it with die cuts for a wall hanging - or rather posh card.

Please don't expect to see a paper version straight away - it always takes me some thinking time before I put it into practice.

Thank you for joining me today & I look forward to your return visit.

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