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Friday, 22 August 2014

My first Christmas card and ...

.... a discovery.

Hello everyone - I have now made my first Christmas card for 2014 & in the making made a discovery.  For the first time I am using a wet glue - Collal's All Purpose Glue in fact.  I was a bit disappointed that there was an odour to it - but can live with that.

Here is my card -

& the discovery?  When I glued the white layer onto the gold a little of the glue seeped out.  I know that with this glue you can rub it away - but I think I should have left it to dry, because when I dabbed it away with a tissue it took the gold colour away leaving a patch of silver.  There are 2 trains of thought here - as I have already said - should I have waited for it to dry then peel it off - or - was it a not so good quality gold card (it certainly wasn't mirri card).

Never mind - I am going to be making several like this so I will use this one as a reminder of how it went together.  Also the top layer of the poinsettia I think I cut too many petals away - should have left that top central one in.  But I am generally pleased with the design - so will make it again.

Thank you for visiting my blog - please call again.

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