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Friday, 29 August 2014

fifteen Christmas cards ...

.... or at least the makings of them.

Good evening everyone - I am sorry I wasn't around yesterday but I had a day out with my daughter-in-law & then DH & I went out for an evening meal.  Lovely day.

Today I spent some time in my craft room preparing the elements of the 15 cards I am making for DH to send out.  He wanted them all the same - as per the sample I showed about a week ago.

I have reached this stage...............

.............. 15 gold plaques, 15 background plaques, 15 poinsettias cut out, & of course the sample card. Tomorrow I will start on the colouring which thankfully is only 2 colours - the red for the flower & the yellow for the centre.  Then there is the greeting to go on the base card & everything put together.  Leaving inserts to be produced in the week.

Now what design, or designs even, am I going to use for the ones I send out.

Thank you for stopping by I hope you enjoyed your visit. Please call again soon.

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