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Monday, 25 August 2014

Create-a-card dies

Good afternoon all - this afternoon I thought I would do a test run on 2 new dies that arrived early last week. They are Crafters Companion Die'sire Create - a - card dies.  One is everyday & one is Christmas.

Well, you have before you a not too happy bunny.  My first attempt using the everyday one cut the design (although I did run it through twice) - but no embossing appeared from the next step.  I also had to pick out a lot of the cut pieces - they didn't fall out.  I then thought perhaps the card was a little too thick - not sure what gsm it is but is reasonably firm.

A second attempt with a finer card & following the instructions inside the dies packaging I tried again.  This time it didn't cut at all - & yes! I did check I had it the right way round. Another look at the right sandwich & I realised that they had recommended one of the E-bosser shims, so I tried again.  This time it cut with just a few dodgy places.  But - sadly - failure in the embossing stage.  So an email has gone off to CC & I wait a reply which I assume will probably be tomorrow.

I did a problem search on google & found a set of "chats" about them - not very flattering I have to say.  If their solution is not any good the dies will be going back.  I bought direct through Crafters Companion rather than the C&C offer that was on because that way I could buy one everyday & one Christmas at their "2 for" special price. At the same time I also recorded all the C&C programmes so I am going to rewatch a couple where Leanne is using these dies & see if I have missed something important.

I hope your crafting is going well & not so stressful.
'Bye for now.

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  1. How very frustrating for you. The demonstrators always make things look so easy :) I admit I haven't seen these in action, haven't watched C&C for a long time, so can't really comment on them. I just know how disappointing it is when things don't go smoothly. Hope you get a helpful response from them.


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