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Wednesday, 27 August 2014

autopsy on a card

Hi everyone

Sounds a bit morbid doesn't it?  But I produced a rather badly stamped card & decided to look at what was wrong & what caused things.

The card was a demo card I created at one of my clubs last night - I was showing them the Triple Stamping Technique.  Here is an earlier card showing the technique - if nothing else it shows I can stamp properly.

This is the card made during the demo;

Immediately you can see that parts of the stamps did not come out.  I usually stamp with a foam mat under my work, but hadn't taken it with me - so I used my note-book.  The lack of the top of the tree in the top left hand corner was because I hadn't spotted that the wire comb of the book was immediately under my work. I did move the card down to stamp the right hand top tree but still missed a bit - I think I was still slightly on the spine.  Anyway the bottom two trees stamped OK & the snowflake in the middle. As I put the layers together I noticed that on two of them the ink had taken on the paper differently.  All the white paper was from one sheet of paper - how could this happen?

Well! as my ladies helped in this discussion we remembered that when I layered the white papers together for the stamping I noticed that one piece looked slightly greyish.  That led to the discovery that there was a light difference in colour between the two sides of the paper, obviously this affected how it took the ink.  It seems to have soaked in more on one side of the sheet.

So! some good lessons learnt - test your paper for results before you use it properly (especially if it is a type you haven't used before); check it stamps the same on both sides; don't forget to have your stamping mat to hand at all times; don't stamp on an uneven surface - especially on a book with a wire spine.  I will have to reproduce that card - correctly of course.

Thank you for stopping by - I hope you enjoyed my little problem solving session.  Please call again.


  1. Good post about the problems here Gloria, can't help with the paper issue but there is a remedy I can offer for the miss-stamped portions .... a stamp positioner!

    1. Yes! should have thought of that Jo :)


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