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Saturday, 23 August 2014

A sad time

This week I heard of the passing of someone close to some of my family members - but not directly linked to me.  So it was time to think about how to send a sympathy card that I would make without going over the top.

I have a couple of stamps that are suitable for this sad time & at this time I had some pre-bought cards that were also very suitable.  They had embossed designs in them of butterflies - & some time ago I remember being told that butterflies were frequently used in sympathy cards.  So I researched this theory & this is what I found;

"When a butterfly evolves to its state of being, it symbolises freedom from the previous trappings of its beginning and life into the beautiful highest form it can be. The evolving soul. A free and gentle being".

I think this is a beautiful thought & I am sure we all hope that this is what happens to our loved ones & friends.  If I have the need to make sympathy cards I try to incorporate this into my cards.  Here are the ones I made this week;

Tonight we have learnt of the passing of another colleague - our thoughts are with everyone closely associated to these two people.  

This has been a sad year - but today I also learnt of the birth of a baby - so time to be cheerful too.

Whether you are celebrating the arrival of a new family member - or mourning the loss of one - our thoughts are with you.

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  1. It *is* a beautiful thought and your cards are lovely - meaningful but not OTT - a hard balance to reach I find.


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