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Sunday, 31 August 2014

workshop samples

Good evening everyone - & quite a late evening it is too!

I am trying to blog something everyday but Saturdays can be a little awkward & non-productive craft-wise as it is the most domestic day of the week.

Anyway I am here today & I have two cards to show you that I have prepared for a workshop I am running on Tuesday.  The ladies who are attending have not done a lot with card-making of this type - but they are great parchmenters - (is there such a word?)

They came to a workshop last month & made 3 cards with different folds, & asked me to create another workshop for them with more folded cards.  I have 3 designs sorted, & have yet to make the third sample - as I gave one of those I had made away - but I have an earlier photo of one of those to show you.

The three cards are - Tri-fold shutter card; Stepper Card & the Stretch card;

This is two views of the Tri-Shutter card
My photography tonight is a little blurry but I have managed to sharpen the image a little.
Haven't made this shape card in quite a while - it was very nice to return to & I think I will make some more soon.

Here is the Stepper Card
I also have two other versions - with the steps in different positions - but they will probably make this one.

The stretch card.
I like to place the stretch card mechanism on a base card - but it does stand alone as well.

I hope they will enjoy making these & of course there are many more up my sleeve.

Thank you for visiting my little blog - please call again.  If you would like to leave a comment it would be very much appreciated.

Friday, 29 August 2014

fifteen Christmas cards ...

.... or at least the makings of them.

Good evening everyone - I am sorry I wasn't around yesterday but I had a day out with my daughter-in-law & then DH & I went out for an evening meal.  Lovely day.

Today I spent some time in my craft room preparing the elements of the 15 cards I am making for DH to send out.  He wanted them all the same - as per the sample I showed about a week ago.

I have reached this stage...............

.............. 15 gold plaques, 15 background plaques, 15 poinsettias cut out, & of course the sample card. Tomorrow I will start on the colouring which thankfully is only 2 colours - the red for the flower & the yellow for the centre.  Then there is the greeting to go on the base card & everything put together.  Leaving inserts to be produced in the week.

Now what design, or designs even, am I going to use for the ones I send out.

Thank you for stopping by I hope you enjoyed your visit. Please call again soon.

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

autopsy on a card

Hi everyone

Sounds a bit morbid doesn't it?  But I produced a rather badly stamped card & decided to look at what was wrong & what caused things.

The card was a demo card I created at one of my clubs last night - I was showing them the Triple Stamping Technique.  Here is an earlier card showing the technique - if nothing else it shows I can stamp properly.

This is the card made during the demo;

Immediately you can see that parts of the stamps did not come out.  I usually stamp with a foam mat under my work, but hadn't taken it with me - so I used my note-book.  The lack of the top of the tree in the top left hand corner was because I hadn't spotted that the wire comb of the book was immediately under my work. I did move the card down to stamp the right hand top tree but still missed a bit - I think I was still slightly on the spine.  Anyway the bottom two trees stamped OK & the snowflake in the middle. As I put the layers together I noticed that on two of them the ink had taken on the paper differently.  All the white paper was from one sheet of paper - how could this happen?

Well! as my ladies helped in this discussion we remembered that when I layered the white papers together for the stamping I noticed that one piece looked slightly greyish.  That led to the discovery that there was a light difference in colour between the two sides of the paper, obviously this affected how it took the ink.  It seems to have soaked in more on one side of the sheet.

So! some good lessons learnt - test your paper for results before you use it properly (especially if it is a type you haven't used before); check it stamps the same on both sides; don't forget to have your stamping mat to hand at all times; don't stamp on an uneven surface - especially on a book with a wire spine.  I will have to reproduce that card - correctly of course.

Thank you for stopping by - I hope you enjoyed my little problem solving session.  Please call again.

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

a birthday card

Hello everyone I hope you all had a good bank holiday weekend.

Today I set to & made a birthday card using one of the backgrounds I created a few weeks ago. They had been sat on my desk staring at me wondering when I was going to use them.

Here is the card;

The colour I used on this one was the Antique Linen Distress Ink & when I decided to use it today realised I might have a problem putting something with it.  I chose this tulip stamp which is from Stamps Away which I stamped in Versafine Black Onyx & then whilst it was still damp embossed it with clear EP.  Next was a hunt amongst the Promarkers to find a suitable colour for the tulips.  I tried several of the yellow pens on a piece of scrap paper & this one was perfect - Buttercup - which I used lightly to give a delicate finish. I stamped & coloured the image twice & then cut one out with the label die, & the other one with scissors leaving a small white border around it.  This was then placed on sticky dots over the other one.  A little bow completed the card.

Tomorrow I must use the other embossed background.

Thank you for stopping by I hope you enjoyed your visit.

Monday, 25 August 2014

Create-a-card dies

Good afternoon all - this afternoon I thought I would do a test run on 2 new dies that arrived early last week. They are Crafters Companion Die'sire Create - a - card dies.  One is everyday & one is Christmas.

Well, you have before you a not too happy bunny.  My first attempt using the everyday one cut the design (although I did run it through twice) - but no embossing appeared from the next step.  I also had to pick out a lot of the cut pieces - they didn't fall out.  I then thought perhaps the card was a little too thick - not sure what gsm it is but is reasonably firm.

A second attempt with a finer card & following the instructions inside the dies packaging I tried again.  This time it didn't cut at all - & yes! I did check I had it the right way round. Another look at the right sandwich & I realised that they had recommended one of the E-bosser shims, so I tried again.  This time it cut with just a few dodgy places.  But - sadly - failure in the embossing stage.  So an email has gone off to CC & I wait a reply which I assume will probably be tomorrow.

I did a problem search on google & found a set of "chats" about them - not very flattering I have to say.  If their solution is not any good the dies will be going back.  I bought direct through Crafters Companion rather than the C&C offer that was on because that way I could buy one everyday & one Christmas at their "2 for" special price. At the same time I also recorded all the C&C programmes so I am going to rewatch a couple where Leanne is using these dies & see if I have missed something important.

I hope your crafting is going well & not so stressful.
'Bye for now.

Saturday, 23 August 2014

A sad time

This week I heard of the passing of someone close to some of my family members - but not directly linked to me.  So it was time to think about how to send a sympathy card that I would make without going over the top.

I have a couple of stamps that are suitable for this sad time & at this time I had some pre-bought cards that were also very suitable.  They had embossed designs in them of butterflies - & some time ago I remember being told that butterflies were frequently used in sympathy cards.  So I researched this theory & this is what I found;

"When a butterfly evolves to its state of being, it symbolises freedom from the previous trappings of its beginning and life into the beautiful highest form it can be. The evolving soul. A free and gentle being".

I think this is a beautiful thought & I am sure we all hope that this is what happens to our loved ones & friends.  If I have the need to make sympathy cards I try to incorporate this into my cards.  Here are the ones I made this week;

Tonight we have learnt of the passing of another colleague - our thoughts are with everyone closely associated to these two people.  

This has been a sad year - but today I also learnt of the birth of a baby - so time to be cheerful too.

Whether you are celebrating the arrival of a new family member - or mourning the loss of one - our thoughts are with you.

Friday, 22 August 2014

My first Christmas card and ...

.... a discovery.

Hello everyone - I have now made my first Christmas card for 2014 & in the making made a discovery.  For the first time I am using a wet glue - Collal's All Purpose Glue in fact.  I was a bit disappointed that there was an odour to it - but can live with that.

Here is my card -

& the discovery?  When I glued the white layer onto the gold a little of the glue seeped out.  I know that with this glue you can rub it away - but I think I should have left it to dry, because when I dabbed it away with a tissue it took the gold colour away leaving a patch of silver.  There are 2 trains of thought here - as I have already said - should I have waited for it to dry then peel it off - or - was it a not so good quality gold card (it certainly wasn't mirri card).

Never mind - I am going to be making several like this so I will use this one as a reminder of how it went together.  Also the top layer of the poinsettia I think I cut too many petals away - should have left that top central one in.  But I am generally pleased with the design - so will make it again.

Thank you for visiting my blog - please call again.

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Wallet card

Hello everyone I thought I would show you another Wallet Card I have made - this time using stamping in the design.

Before I made it I tried working out the idea I had for inside but my first idea failed miserably - so tomorrow I will work on another idea.

As I was thinking what stamping to do on this card I had an idea to use something I had seen on Create & Craft recently.  I had watched a programme with Wendy from Card-io with her latest sets of stamps & she did all her demonstration using black ink.  It was very dramatic - so I chose some nice blue card I had & one of her floral sets & used Versafine black ink.

To create the little tab to hold the flap down I drew around a label die-cut that was on my desk & inked the edge with black Promarker then stamped the little butterflies.  I rather liked the effect but the lower section looked a bit too plain.  I didn't want anymore stamping as that would overpower it - so I scored pairs of lines using my Hougie board.  I am not sure they show up too well in the photo - unless they are clearer if you click on it & get a larger view.

This little card is going to be very useful at Christmas for giving book tokens etc - so I now need to look out appropriate Christmas stamps.

Thank you for stopping by I hope you enjoyed your visit.
'Bye for now.

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Sample card

Good evening everyone.

Today during my break from craft room sorting I made a sample card that will be a project at one of my clubs.  I was given the idea by another stamping colleague at the end of last year.

It is called a wallet card - here it is;-

As it was the first sample I made, I used pre-patterned card for quickness, & a topper from my Hunkydory pack prize.

This is it open - with some patterned background paper on the inside.  For this to be a greeting card it just needs the greeting added to the background paper either directly or with some matting & layering.  It would make an ideal card for giving money or a gift card.

I have been thinking of the gift card approach & have had an idea on creating the inside slightly differently - so tomorrow hope to try this out.  If it is successful - I will show you the result.

Thank you once again for stopping by - please call again.

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Use it up session - 6

Another little break in the craft room sort out this morning.

Inside a box I was checking the contents of, was this little collection (amongst other things0;

There were some background papers, some sheets with floral images on - some of them were coloured & some were a sepia colour.

So I took the green paper you see on the top of the pile, one of the sepia images, a cream square scalloped card & some border peel-offs & a peel-off greeting.

I coloured the rose image with my pearlescent water colour paints, even colouring over the sepia leaves.  I chose a vertical greeting & used the "empty" section - leaving the individual letters behind for another time. I then painted inside the letters with the same paint as the rose. A rectangle of the green background paper to layer the rose image onto & neatened up with gold peeloff borders & a little bling at the bottom.

Another clean & simple card to add to the collection.

Thank you for stopping by - please call again soon.

Monday, 18 August 2014

A break from the sorting

Good afternoon everyone.

I just had to take a little break from this sorting of my craft room this morning.

Back in November 2013 I went to my first mixed media workshop & decorated a canvas.  It has been sitting in my craft room whilst I decide where I will put it - but the problem was I was not happy with the colour scheme (of the canvas), or the finish.

Here it is

I had been thinking for quite a while to go over it with white gesso & rethink the colour scheme, but it just needed that little mental shove to actually do it.

I got that mental shove this morning.  So taking a brief rest from sorting I got out the gesso & painted the top surface.  It is currently sitting on top of some boxes drying.  Then tomorrow I will do the sides.

For the finish I am thinking of sepia & vintage colours, as I have a mirror that I also altered with mixed media & a memory canvas in those colours. Then I would be able to have them on the wall all together.

I am slowly getting the re-organisation of my craft room sorted - but more to do to it tomorrow.

Thank you for stopping by - I hope the weather is being kind to you - it has poured with rain here most of the morning.

New follower

I have another follower

Clare Jones
Thank you for becoming a follower of my blog
I hope you enjoy your visits

Sunday, 17 August 2014

non crafting weekend

I am in the process of making more changes to my craft room - having bought a new large bookcase I need to move things around, empty bookcases & reposition boxes etc.

Although we moved here a year ago, we still have some boxes not unpacked & it would appear as we started attending to them this weekend that a lot of it is my craft stuff.

So - new bookcase bought, other storage units moved around & storage boxes looked through & contents rationalised.  Wow! that sounds really efficient - but it's a nightmare.

new bookcase in place with some baskets already on their shelf.

lots of the stuff waiting for its new home.

This is going to take more than just the weekend.  But it will be worth it.

Hopefully some crafting will be done Monday.  I hope you are all having a pleasant weekend.

Friday, 15 August 2014

Two cards - part 2

Yesterday I had a really good day & managed to make two cards - one of which I posted yesterday.  Here is the other one.

This came about because of a couple of things.  The other card that I made yesterday had this leaf spray on it but I had not used it before so I grabbed a piece of paper & stamped it.  It was this spotty paper. Later when tidying my desk - yes, I do do that from time to time, I uncovered this little black card which was missing most of its front.  I decided to have a play - so I trimmed the dotty paper so that the spray was in the corner.  Tidied up the thin flap on the black card.  Mounted the paper onto a piece of card then glued inside the flap to make a full card.  It obviously needed something else & I then had this strange idea - so nothing ventured, nothing gained I went for it.  I stamped the little floral spray over the leaf spray with Versamark, then heat embossed it with white EP.  Obviously the spray was still slightly damp as part of it has picked up the white EP.  I quite like the effect & it does look better in the flesh.  I added the Happy Birthday & some pink gems - done.

Well, the weekend is upon us - I hope you have something lovely planned.

Thank you for popping in - please call again.

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Two cards - part 1

I really had a good play this morning & managed to make two rubber stamped cards  I am going to show you one of them here today.

I had an idea to try something I had seen somewhere - probably a magazine.  It is a one layer card, which I do make from time to time, but there was just something a little different in its design & use of inks;

I masked off a rectangular area just below the middle of the card & coloured the space with Distress Inks. I started with Mustard Seed, then Spiced Marigold & finally just a little Fired Brick. I then used water to take out some of the ink - starting with an eraser in the end of a pencil dipped in water & dotted about the area.  The wet patch being dabbed with a piece of kitchen tissue to lift the ink.  I then lightly spritzed the area with water as well & dabbed that off giving this speckled look.

With Versafine Black Onyx ink I stamped the leaf spray - which is part of a set from Clearly Besotted.  I hadn't thought the positioning through enough & so didn't have anywhere really to stamp another spray.  So I left it for a while & then decided on stamping the butterflies.  The Happy Birthday stamp  is one I have had most of my stamping life & is from a company called First Class Stamps (I don't think they are in business anymore).

Finally a little baling to complete the card.

I am definitely going to make more like this - but must think the design through a little more first.  Lesson learnt.

Thank you for stopping by I hope you found it interesting.

Tomorrow I will show the second card that I made today & who knows I may even produce some more tomorrow.  'Bye for now.

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

A follower

I have my first follower

I hope you enjoy your visits.

Sunday sketch & stamp - #214

Hello everyone

I needed to do some stamping today - even if it was only a little bit - but I also needed some inspiration & I found it at Sunday Sketch & Stamp Challenge Blog.

Here is the sketch;

& here is my card;

I used a square black card as my base & chose some pink & lavendar coloured papers from my stash.  The stamp is from a set I bought recently for only £4.99 but I have thrown the packing away & cannot remember whose stamps they are.  I am going to the shop where I got them from tomorrow - I must have a look so that I know for the future.

I stamped the tulip in black archival ink over some of the pink dotty paper & then added colour with pearlescent water colour paints.  Colouring on patterned paper was something I saw on the Internet last year & this is the first time I have tried it.  It is really nice.  The happy birthday stamp is from Clearly Besotted & the flowers from my stash.

I like this sketch & will use it again.

Thank you for stopping by & please call again.  Why not pop over to the challenge blog & see other ideas or why not try a card yourself.

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

cd sunday challenge - quilted fun

Good evening everyone.

For the first time in ages & certainly since starting this new blog I am finally entering a challenge, & its a return to one of my favourite challenge blogs - CD Sunday

This week the challenge is called "Quilted Fun". To me this said babies or cute animals & bed.  I chose to use The Docrafts Digital Designer & their CD called "New Arrival" - one of the Forever Friends sets.

The test was how to create a quilt! well, this is what I did -

I took a 7" x 5" card, landscape & drew around a tea plate to give the open edge a curve to create a rocker card. In order to rock my quilt covered Teddy to sleep.  After I had chosen the background papers from the CD I cut them into 1" squares, outlined them with faux stitching & covered the lower section of the card.  I printed out the teddy twice & used his feet & his Teddy doll for some decoupage.  After staring at the card for a while (nothing was stuck down at this stage) I felt it needed some lift,  so I created a pillow from a matching paper, added some lace around the edges & fixed it to the card with some extra sticky pads in the centre giving it a padded look.  I then stuck 2 pink & 2 blue squares wrong sides together, folded one corner back & placed them over the original squares & the teddy's feet to make it look like he was pushing the covers back.  Finally I added lace to the curved edge, a plastic congratulations & some pink & blue buttons.

Here is the card stood up & it does rock slightly.

Thank you for popping by I hope you enjoyed your visit.  Why not pop over to the challenge blog & see the other entries - why not have a go yourself?  Just click on the link above.

Monday, 11 August 2014

use it up session 5

Hello everyone - this isn't really session 5 of my use it up moments - it is an extension of session 3 - as at that time I chose some toppers with roses on & there were 3 pink & 3 blue.

I have already shown you the pink ones - here are the blue ones, the last one of which I finished today;

On this one I decided I needed to do a little off set style. The topper, including its inner shape have been mounted on sticky pads to raise it above the background paper.

On this one I cut a section of the front away & covered the remaining piece with some plaid background paper that blended well with the plain blue background & the topper.

The final one I decided to make another easel card.

Tomorrow I am going to do some rubber stamping.

I hope you enjoyed looking at these little cards - please call again.

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Use it up session 4

Hello everyone I hope you have had a good weekend.

Yesterday I didn't have time for any crafting as my DH & I went to meet up with a good friend & we spent most of the day together.

Today I had another "use it up" session.  I had been asked to make some very simple cards & to include some for the men.  When I stuck my hand in the box that holds all the things that need using up there was a sheet of sporting decoupage.  So, ideal for the request & was my starting point.

Here are the 3 cards that I made

Based on the size of the decoupage I took 3 scalloped edge cards that were just under 5x5, & found some green paper that would suit as grass background.  I cut the pieces to size then gave the top a torn edge & went around it with Mowed Lawn Distress Ink.  After the decoupage I just added a "Happy Birthday" peel-off.  I am hoping that these fit the bill.

Thank you for stopping by - more tomorrow.

Friday, 8 August 2014

Bits & pieces

Good afternoon everyone
Today I am trying to just dip my hand in a box that contains bits & pieces & using whatever it lights upon. The hardest part of working that way is not to look at it & say "no" I will use that another day.

Anyway, the first things I pulled out were some of the embossing I had done a few days ago & there were 3 of them together.  So I added some colour to them - the main aim there was to try & have a lighter touch when doing it.

This one I have used pan pastels. I used a very pale pink, then added a deeper pink & finally went around the edges with a medium shade of green.  I have a project in mind for this & it will take a little more colour if I decide to add some

This one has been coloured with Distress Inks & I started with Mustard Seed. then Mowed Lawn & added a touch of Salty Ocean.

Only one Distress Ink used on this one - Antique Linen.
I thought I would leave it at that as I can add more colour to suit the purpose it is used for, when I come to use it.
So - just a short crafting session today, but something achieved.

Thank you for stopping by. Please call again.

Thursday, 7 August 2014

A family day

Hello everyone - a non-crafting day today, as we spent the day with our eldest son & his wife.

We took a trip to Manchester & the Imperial War Museum - very poignant at this moment in time.

This was followed by a nice rural car trip through the Cheshire countryside until we found somewhere nice to have our evening meal.

So, perhaps tomorrow will be more of a crafting day.

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Sample card

Good afternoon - today I have been producing a sample card for one of my clubs, in order for them to see what they will be making next month.

The style of this card is - Triple Stamping Technique;

I love this technique it is so pretty & dependant on the stamps & images used can be quite dramatic too. The stamps I used are out of a set I bought recently, & as I have thrown the outer packaging away I cannot remember who they are by.  They were very inexpensive - £4.99 - & there 7 stamps in total.

The stamping is done on the white paper then each piece is layered onto dark or complimentary card & pieced back together again. I stamped the images in archival black ink & then coloured them with some water colour paints that have a pearlescent finish - a little like Twinkling H2O's.

Thank you for stopping by I hope you enjoyed your visit.

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

One stamp three cards

Good evening everyone.

I have three cards to show you this evening plus some dry embossing that I also found time to do.

I decided that I really should have some embossed card ready & to hand rather than just embossing it when I needed it.  So I have used 4 different background embossing folders & one frame folder. I also decided white card was the thing to go for so that I could colour to suit what I might use it for & with.

This tulip stamp is from Stamps Away & the Happy Birthday I have had for years. For this card I decided to use one of the frame embossed sheets. I need to practice a bit more with adding colour by gently swiping the pad across the card, because on this one I did get a couple of bad smudges.  But managed to cover them!!!!!!!

I have had this little petal shaped card for sometime & really couldn't think what to do with it. I thought I would try using this pretty green background paper & drew around the card to get the complimentary shape on the paper.  It just needed trimming on the straight edges to make it a little smaller to leave a border.

I really like the effect of this embossing folder & in fact the reverse makes a very nice pattern as well.
I hadn't intended to make quite as large a border of colour around the edge. My heavy hand again I think - but I am still pleased with the result.

Each of the tulip sprays were stamped in Forest Moss Distress Ink & then coloured in with - Picked Raspberry & Mustard Seed.  when the inks were dry & pressed a Versamark Ink Pad onto them & covered with clear EP then heated them.  Each tulip spray was then cut out leaving a white margin & attached to the cards with sticky pads.

Not a bad days work.  I hope I can keep it up.

'Bye for now - thank you for stopping by.

Monday, 4 August 2014

Use it up session 3

Good afternoon - here is the third card in my use it up session.  The toppers I chose consisted of 3 pink rose panels & 3 pale blue rose panels.  This third card is the final pink one;

This time I created an easel card.  I decided my stopper would be a flower & as part of my recent prize there was a rather large box with all sort of flowers & flower sprays in it.  Searching amongst them I found a pack of pink & white roses - that seemed the most appropriate.  So I cut the stem down & stuck it on a sticky pad.

I still have the blue toppers to do & will work on those over the next few days - I am hoping to come up with different styles of cards for them.  

I need to spend a little time now on some rubber stamped cards, as I have club members with birthdays this month & I do prefer to make their cards that way.

Thank you for stopping by I hope you enjoyed your visit.  I would lkove to receive any comments you may have.

Sunday, 3 August 2014

Use it up session 2

Hi everyone

Just popping in to show you another of the cards I made in my "using it up" session;

This time I used a scalloped edge card & trimmed about half of the front.

I added some of the pink backing paper to the inside & some complimentary paper out of the same pad for the left-hand panel.  Then added the floral panel & a peel-off happy birthday & some bling.

Now I look at the photo the "birthday" seems to be going off at an angle - but I should be able to correct that.  The central topper is just slightly raised on foam pads.

I will create the insert message on my laptop & place it inside the card on a piece of white paper to be covered by the topper. I wasn't that keen on the glitter I put on the card I showed you yesterday - so didn't apply it to this one.  I am not particularly a glitter person - but if I am going to use it I tend to used a quickie glue pen & clear glitter.

Hopefully I will have the rest of that group to show you tomorrow.

Hope you had a great weekend.  'Bye for now.

Problem solved

The "Followers" gadget now appearing on sidebar - look forward to seeing some followers there soon.

Experiencing some difficulties

Good morning everyone.
At the moment I am experiencing some difficulties in inserting a "Followers" option on my sidebar. There has been some changes to blogger since I created my other blogs, & I am searching the help forum to see how this can be achieved.
Sometimes the instructions are almost double-dutch, then the light bulb comes on & it is so simple - but I haven't had the light bulb yet.
'Bye for now.

Saturday, 2 August 2014

Use it up session

Good afternoon everyone - I hope your weekend is going well.

Over the last few weeks my little craft room has got rather untidy.  I know it doesn't have to be pristine, but my room includes a visitors bed & I had started dumping things on it with the promise to myself I would put them away properly later.  Anyway today I started doing that & also there was a bag to sort out containing loads of bits & pieces that had been a raffle prize I won at a recent paper craft fair.

Once I started going through the contents I knew that I had to start using things - so that is what I have been up to this afternoon.  So I picked out some ready folded cards, a sheet of toppers, a pad of pretty papers & set to work.

 These are the envelopes I picked

here are the toppers taken from their sheet

& the pad of pretty papers

I separated the circle toppers from their square frames & glued the frames to some pink backing paper

then I cut them out leaving a small margin around the outside edges.
Important note here - to do this cutting I used my Perfect Layers rulers, which I have had for a while
& this is the first time I have used them.

I offset the toppers in the aperture & added a peel-off "Happy Birthday"
I also added some glitter glue in the darker areas of the flower, then some little gems at the corners.

All they need now is an insert & they are ready to go.
Looking at the photo above I wonder if I should have tried getting some colour on the card to take some of the whiteness away.  Perhaps not.

That's me for now - have a nice weekend.